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Why is this here? 7/14/2013 By | schaeneman.com

I started designing and configuring websites in 1999. I would of never of gotten started with doing this if it wasn't for Tripod (aka) Lycos, in the mid nineteen nineties the entire network was called tripod. They offer a free service that I couldn't resist "I love free stuff", they let you create and design all your own free webpages, you can make as many as you want.

This was the first company to ever offer this type of service, nowadays we have all the big names doing it, and everybody is now using this type of networking service. Tripod, in my opinion, invented social networking WebPages. I understand they are focused on providing paid internet services and are one of the best in the world when it comes to these services. I used to have paid website hosting with them for many years, it was good stuff, I may come back soon.

What makes tripod different from the rest, my stuff has been here since 1999, sometimes I don't login in for at least 7 years and I've never had to pay a penny. If you don't login to your facebook or Google account for an extended amount of time they delete your stuff. No one has ever hacked into my account. You don't have to use pre-designed webpage templates, I hate those things, their more work learning to use then if you were to do the coding by hand and the pages they make look like junk. Could this be why everybody is boycotting facebook?

Everybody knows when they come to your website whether or not your using some type of html generator or a fake pre-designed website template. Using hand written html will always look original and it puts you in full control over how your webpages look and how the website functions. Pre-designed programs like Word Press make webpages that load slower then any other generator I have ever seen, plus it makes that persons computer coming to the webpage freeze up. I can never back out of a Word Press website. That's the number one way to make your viewers as mad as hell.

It was thought with all this high speed internet that webpage designers could fill there pages with unnecessary coding. This is becoming very problematic with mobile devices. 4g mobile internet is still very slow and the devices that use 4g aren't any faster. The fastest loading pages are always the ones that are properly hand coded. Tripod is a great way for learning how to code and its free.

I like knowing were my hosting company is located and were the servers are. Tripod is located in Waltham Massachusetts, this is truly the high-tech capital of the world, I used to live there for many years. I don't know were my website hosting servers are when I deal with the big guys, it's a secret , hush, hush. Waltham, MA has the worlds best high-tech infrastructure and is strategically located to accommodate the highest demands for bandwidth. If you want your website to load quick for people living anywhere in the world, especially the east cost, this is the place to have it physically located and hosted. If you need colocated servers once again this is the place to be.

Springfield, Massachusetts is 90 miles away from Waltham, MA. Springfield, MA is the only place in the world were the two main back bone internet trunk lines crisscross. The closer you're located to these trunk lines, the faster your internet will be. These two independent trunk lines feed the world with internet access. If one line goes down the other one can handle the over load. The details on this type of information used to be very publicly assessable, nowadays things are hush, hush, but I know what I'm talking about. Waltham and Springfield are strategically connected to each other in many different ways, most of which are classified. Most internet servers are continuously being back up to another server in case one goes down. If you have servers connected to both trunk lines your network will never go down. There are some networking companies in this area that offer is type of reliable network service. I'm striving to become one of them.

I offer a computer and laptop repair service, I'm located in Chicopee, MA. If you need assistance with a computer repair or a website, please contact me. I specialize in HTML 5 coding, css 3 and php. - 413-388-3121 - info@schaeneman.com - pcsteven.com